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FreeMyApp has blown up social media. We pay our affiliates to share their referral link and invite new users. We have become one of the most important Influencer Networks. We believed it and we did it. Influencers enjoy our transparency, our flexibility and our high payments! With us, any social media user with any number of followers can become a successful influencer.

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The Story of FreeMyApp

This is our story from the beginning of FreeMyApp in 2012 to the current year 2020.


- The Beginning

FreeMyApp started in February 2012 as a mobile app where you could get free gift cards by installing apps.


- The Uprising

Gradually we started working with the most important influencers on social networks, which made FreeMyApp expand internationally. We began to be recognized by major economic media such as Forbes magazine.


- Forming connections

FreeMyApp begins to have more international relations with companies and gets contracts with more than 100 different companies in 120 countries increasing the number of offers available on the platform.


- International rewards

FreeMyApp receives an invitation to participate in the E3 of Los Angeles and we got the award for the best app to earn money playing games.


- Change of Course

FreeMyApp until then was just an app for Android & iOS devices, we decided to change the platform internally and set aside the mobile app. We created a Network where companies have more voice with Influencers to install mobile apps and be rewarded.


- Our Success

We get contracts with all kinds of companies to be able to reward users and expand to all kinds of services. Large companies are starting to trust in FreeMyApp for influencers to conduct surveys and test thousands of products.

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