Here you can find the most frequently asked questions among new FreeMyApp users. It is normal that you have many doubts about how the platform works. Once you sign up in FreeMyApp you will be able to find in your Dashboard a Questions and Answers section with more details. Any user can use this platform perfectly.

  • We have 8 years of experience

    FreeMyApp was born in 2012 and already has more than 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Our company has contacted the world's largest influencers and companies. We have more than 100,000 active users on the platform generating revenue every day.

  • We connect companies with Influencers

    FreeMyApp is an intermediary between companies and influencers. Our affiliates receive different offers from companies that need promotion and companies pay to have their apps, products and surveys completed. Anyone can invite their friends even without social networks, all receive benefits thanks to FreeMyApp's affiliate system.

  • Complete offers

    When you sign up for FreeMyApp you can start in two ways, the first is by completing the offers available in order to generate revenue, usually you can earn 30$ by completing an offer. You can also invite your friends and followers on social media to join FreeMyApp with your referral link, so you'll get $10 for each user you invite.

  • We have many payment methods

    We have several payment methods available to receive payments. In the case of USA we have available PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer and Bitcoin. You can set up your preferred payment method in your FreeMyApp account settings.

  • In about 15 days

    You can request your payment when you meet the minimum requirements. Once you request a payment you will be reviewed by our anti-fraud system and you will receive a response about your payment within 24 to 48 hours. If the money has been legitimately earned your payment will be approved and you will receive the payment within 15 days after being accepted. This period is so long because we have many active users and it would be impossible for us to perform them on the same day.

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