Fraud Policy

When you sign up for FreeMyApp you are agreeing to our Fraud Policy. It is very important that you comply with the Fraud policy so that your account is not banned, FreeMyApp is totally prohibited from cheating and trying to cheat the system in order to generate more revenue fraudulently.

Fraud Policy

Our fraud policy is direct and concise. All unauthentic traffic is prohibited. If our manual review team or our AI automatically detects any fake stats, your account will be terminated indefinitely and you will be permanently banned from FreeMyApp and accessing its services.

What's forbidden?

Examples of generating unauthentic stats


  • Repeatedly clicking your own link.

  • Using different devices to click your own link.

  • Using a VPN to click your own link.

  • Buying fake traffic from fake traffic sites.

  • Using any software to generate fake clicks to your link.


  • Signing up under your own referral link repeatedly.

  • Using another device to sign up under your own referral link.

  • Using a VPN to sign up under your own referral link.

  • Using any automation software to automate the referral process.

  • Buying fake referrals from fake traffic sites.


  • Complete survey offers with fake information.

  • Try to re-complete the same offer 2 times after receiving the money. The same offer is only allowed twice if you are using another device.

  • Use Proxy/VPN services to change the country and make offers that do not correspond to your country.

Subir Vídeos

  • Repeatedly upload the same FreeMyApp video to YouTube.

  • Change the title and description of a video you previously uploaded by entering the data provided by FreeMyApp to try to trick the system.

  • Upload different short videos that have nothing to do with FreeMyApp.

  • Download and re-upload a video from another user to YouTube.

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