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Here you can find some reviews from our users. At FreeMyApp the opinion of our users is very important, we work very hard to get the best contracts between users and companies. These are some examples of our TOP users who manage to generate thousands of euros each month.

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These are some of the reviews of our affiliates

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Rachel WoodfordJosh Berman

I only have 700 followers on Instagram, I am an normal person, not a very popular influencer. I thought this was not for me but after seeing how easy it was to earn money I invited all my friends to the Network, I have several friends who are making a lot of money thanks to FreeMyApp , I am actually earning at least $1.000 every month.

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Josh Berman

    I started using FreeMyApp in early 2016, I saw it recommended in a Tanner Fox video, I started downloading a lot of apps and getting iTunes codes easily, then I reached the premiere of its format as Network in 2018 and since this day I dedicate myself to the promotion of FreeMyApp and I complete all the offers when they are available, every month I usually earn between $1.000 and $2.000 investing just a few hours.

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Anna Russell

I am a FreeMyApp affiliate since March 2019, I arrived on this network because I had seen it advertised in Instagram and I found it very curious, I saw that completing simple tasks you could earn a lot of money and at first I didn't believe it, I invited a few friends and completed 6 or 7 offers available and I requested my first PayPal payment of $600, after waiting approximately 2 weeks I received an email of the payment sent by PayPal. Since then I have only completed offers and I am inviting my followers to join FreeMyApp everyday.

Affiliates Reviews

These are some of the videos that our affiliates have recorded explaining their experience with FreeMyApp.

Joseph Wilson Review

Joseph explains how the website works and the most important things of it. He earned more than $800 in less than 3 weeks sharing his link in Social Media.

Alexandra Rodríguez

Alexandra tells us how FreeMyApp allowed her to earn money very quickly! She also gives the best tips to earn the maximum as possible with Instagram Facebook and Whatsapp.

Sebastian Evans

Our affiliate Sebastian Evans explains how grateful is with FreeMyApp because he generated 700$ in 20 days with only 500 followers in Instagram. He invites all of you to start earning like him.

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